There is no substitute for Intelligence. A not-so-intelligent person would not be able to do things in years which an intelligent person can do in minutes. So with increased intelligence being such a key to success, isn't it imperative to assess one's intelligence before associating with them. Our IQ and Aptitude Test help you do that.


Have you heard about the person who graduated in rocket science but is now going door-to-door selling t-shirts? There are thousands of such stories where exceptionally smart limitless brain people have achieved very little in life. Why? Because they have lacked the personality and attitude to back up their intellect. That's where Personality Tests come in.


You have employed a smart guy with a wonderful personality. However, he knows nothing and so is totally useless in the office. Hence it's important to also hire for skills in addition to smartness and attitude. So how do you assess if your job candidate has the skills that are needed to do the job? Simple. Give him a skills test.



Employee Testing Simplified

Our tests are not a set of randomly assembled riddles. Instead they are deeply thought out, tested and calibrated questions pieced together by professionals who are experts in their field. The tests are comprehensive and probe all the angles so that an accurate and holistic account of the person's psyche, IQ and skills emerges.

The reports generated at the end of the tests are easy to read. They are composed in a way so as to present complex psychometric and skill-specific data in a to-the-point and simple manner allowing non-HR individuals to easily make sense of it. Reports are generated and emailed to you immediately after the user submits the test.


  • > Tool to compliment the job interview
  • > At-home testing available
  • > Determine suitability of candidate
  • > Candidate can give the test remotely
  • > Easy-to-read report
  • > Enhances your prestige with potential employees

Worth the time & money?

Employee testing and assessment is one of the best ways to pick the best from the rest!

No matter how minutely you go through resumes or conduct meticulous interviews, average candidates somehow sneak in!

Our skill assessment and mental aptitude tests find out if the person is suited for the job or not.

Our aptitude and personality tests pieces together a personality profile.

So why wait, go ahead and try out our sample tests for a quick preview!

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